Dr. Cindy Hart, D.C.
Spinal Alignment, Energy Work and Animal Communication
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Few things give life a richer taste and meaning than connecting with another being (human or animal). When one falls in love, everything is wonderful. That connection is energy, emotion and spirit that flows through all involved and is magical!

Dr. Cindy Hart understands and connects with the magic of this energy flow. As a chiropractor, sensory touch combined with knowledge of the spine and nervous system is the ability to feel the flow of energy and find where the obstacles are that restrict it. This connection with the innate ability of the body to communicate is what Chiropractic is all about for both human and animal spines. After 25 years in private practice, Dr. Hart created a mobile practice for those who need pain relief, but cannot ask for it. – animals. A story of love…..

Chiropractic - All about Equine Spines 
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